Sunday, May 30, 2010


> They are the core of boredom.
> They are the heart of fun.

Thats true. I am so bored. But I know I don't have to wake up at 6 tommorow so I'm having so much fun staying up and staring at the ceiling all night. Thinking. Thinking of him. Thinking of my friends. Thinking of what to do tommorow. I am at grandma's house now. waiting for my family to return from 'swimming' every Sunday. Just now I went to a wedding and I tottaly do not enjoy weddings. Unless it's someone I really know, really well then I'm sure I'll enjoy it. ^^ hehehe... How cheeky of me. LOL.
Anyway, I'm thinking about him. If he knew me, knew me as a friend, like how my good friends know me, would he like me back? I just wonder.... *sigh* Speaking of my good friends, I miss them so much !!
Well, I'm thinking of what to do tommorow. Should I go to the library? Should I stay at home all day long? What to do? *sigh.again*

Thursday, May 27, 2010


hey ! the holidays are here man !! time to celebrate !! But i have a lot of homework ey... =(
So very sad... waste of time man, do homework..... i'm going to miss seeing him.... ^^ next semester is the last semester i'll get to see him frequently. next year, he's going to upper sec and we're still lower sec. =( even more sad.... At least my '''''''stead''''' will still be lower sec. He's in the same level as me !! Even better right. ^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All over again...

I don't know him okay. I don't know him. But I'm falling for him. All over again. Yup. All over again. *sigh*... What did I do to deserve this? Anyway, todays a sunday and there's school tommorow. Don't feel like going. But I got no MC. Tsk3... Anyway... I don't feel like there's much to say, so CHEERS! ^^

Thursday, May 20, 2010


No C eh! I didn't get any C for my SA1 !!! Can you believe it??? I can't! But it's definetly true sia... OMIGOSH!! YAY!!! Really happy ah! Some more math I get A1 eh! Woohoo! ^^ Hahas, anyway, today was boring actually... No CCA... Good news ah. Then tommorow Friday. Last day of Arabic class... Last day to see him...*SIGH*... I don't know if I like him or the guy from my school... Let's just forget about that for now, erm, NO Cs MAN!!!! Just so happy! ^^ hehehehe...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What about now.....

what bout now?
Just a new westlife song that is actually 2009's but I LOVE IT!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! WESTLIFE ROCKS!!!! I'm totally in love with them.... ^^
Okay, my exams are done. yay! tommorow will be some lame acedamic programme and third language. The former, BOOOOOO!!!!. The latter, YAY!!!! huhas... I think I'll pass my maths. yay, so happy...

Monday, May 10, 2010

EXAMZZZZ! (exam fever....)

Woots! The math paper today was damn easy! I could answer every question without difficulty.... =) I am so happy! I actually think I'll pass the maths paper you know. OMIGOSH! Yay! hope to pass... =D
But geography, I don't think so. I don't think I'll do THAT welll lah the very least to say... GEOGRAPHY I HATE YOU.... -.-
Today my friend had to go home with his mother. =( then i walk to bus stop all alone and no bpss people some more.... no him.... =( oh well, tmrw more exam. litreature and science! Omigosh!
Oh yeah and last friday, a friend asked the guy i like wether he stead with me. The guy I like only kept quiet. I think he can't say yes, cause it's not true, but doesn't want to say no, cause he doesn't want it to be not true.... AWWW.... =)
MuAcKzZzZzZ.... =P

Saturday, May 8, 2010

HAI!!!! hey! =)

Long time no see... =) anw, I've made up my mind. I like the latter in the previous post. I got to sit beside him for class yesterday and he was such a fun person to talk to. =) I enjoyed every minute! Even when everytime i reach out to take any paper I lent him he'd take his hand back so I can't take it. And I don't know how many times he did it but it was so fun... =D And his friend kept on asking him whether he stead with me and the guy I like never said a word! he never replied the other guy... LOL! and we talked about my friend who was from my primary school. And yesterday, I did my 2.4 and I got 15 mins! Good right! But must re-do everything cause I failed my freaking sit and reach by 1 freaking cm. ONE!!! F YOU, YOU STUPID ONE CM! anyway, I'm so glad I get to sit beside him. Hopefully next friday get to sit beside him again! So happy!!!! =)