Saturday, July 31, 2010


Went to the new moon big walk just now. I was suppose to go for a friends birthday bash but my parents don't let me go out on sundays. Haiz... Anyway, the walk was fuuun! ^^ 5km, but i didn't feel tired at all sia. HAHAH! I was hoping my crush would be there but instead the other one was there. -.- Waste my time only looking at him... I wish my crush would have come... LOL. ^^ But he didn't come, so too bad leh. Ah! Tommorow school. O.o malas sey nak gi sekolah... aiya, tak per lah, i tink i just go. =)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm crazzzzzzy!!! ^^

I admit, I've given up on the guy I like. But only because I've gone mad for someone else. Hahahahah. ^^ The new guy is totally cute and he's just sooooooo charming... to me lah... CUTE !!!!!!! =) Ah, I'm so in-love with him... ^^
So, today was cool. But i didn't see my crush cause he's in upper sec. And I think he didn't come or something today. LOL. I'll never fall for anyone in my own level. *shakes head*... nope. My friend and I went to buy our DnT project stuff. Then I had my 3rd language which was boring. No, quite fun actually. We talked and abused the word 'BALLS' cause my friend was carrying a shoebag that had 12 hockey balls in it. So we abused that fact. LOL. We're mean peopele ! Well actaully I am. ^^ I have a big walk on Sunday. Aiya, so malas man... =( But oh well, just go lah. ^^

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm so happy today!!!

You know I think i might like someone else instead of the guy I like now. ^^ LOL. That guy is damn cute!!!! Yesterday I saw that guy but today didn't see him at all.... =(
Oh well, tomorrow, I have to see his face. If not, I die... his face is such a sight for my eyes. X) hehehehe.
Today, even though I didn't see him, my friend still said I was very entu (enthusiastic) LOLOLOLOL. ^^ I think that's true. hahah.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I miss my friends... =(

You know my friends last year, my Primary Six friends, well I miss them. *SIGH* I miss those times we had together. Those ups we shared together. Those downs we faced together. Even though it was just one year, we faced many challanges. and faced them as a class. as one family. Well i can't exactly remember the whole story, but i can sum it all up. =)


We were not what people expected us to be. I mean A was suppose to be better than B. But instead, P6B was so much better than us. In terms of conduct, discipline and studies. And compared to them, we were pretty much the under-dogs for that year's PSLE... But even though we didn't have the better side of the story, we still had something I think is really strong among us. We had strong bonds, close friendship and we were just united. We were always there for each other and we had so many happy moments together. We didn't agree to everything but that was just normal and it was nice to see us working together. Through my experience in that class, it has taught me that no matter how different you are, you can still be one as long as you are united. And that was what was of P6A'09. We were the weaker ones that year and we played too much. We were not as concenrated as P6B, we were not as clever as them. We were playful and happy but determined and strong. We, as one family, knew that we had to finish this journey and no matter what we couldn't let each other down. When one falls everyone falls, when one rises everyone rises. It was a hard journey to the finishing line for us. But in the end we made it. And with each gland of sweat we had,represented how hard we worked. But we couldn't have done it without each other. And we knew that no matter what, nothing could break the ties of our class. It is true, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

P6A'09, I just wanted to tell you, you guys mean alot to me and you always will.

LOVE, Afiah. ^^

Friday, July 23, 2010


Every minute I think about you, I waste a minute of my life. Right now, I've already wasted hours of my life... Cause, thinking about you is just painful. I know I'll never have you but I can't stop thinking about you. Waiting for you is seriously wasting my timeeee.... -.- I should just forget you and move on. But.... It's just not that easy okay! Cause you're not just anyone to me. You're much more than that. I'm waiting for you. But I don't know whether to continue waiting or not...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


i love kyuhyun and kibum now! =) they are such cute people. =)


Friday, July 16, 2010

very da complicated man...

-.- I love him, but i don't like him.
I like him but i don't love him.


sigh... I know... but i don't know at the same time...

Anyway, yesterday went to Swensens. My friend treat us all. we ate this pizza and ice cream and it was sooooo nice!!! =) I loved it like so much! then after that third language. He ( the 2nd person i refer to ^) came late... -.- Kena bully by ustazah, left my 100 plus in the classroom which is most likely still in the classroom now........ I feel damn sick right now... -.-
SUCK MAN! hopefully today will be a better day. ^^

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

에 하나 내가 사랑하는

전 당신을 원해요,

비록 내가 내가 널 가질 수 없어 알아...

하지만 그럴거야 못 포기 기대....

아니 문제 무슨

당신을 사랑합니다.

과 그 것입니다 못 변화.


Saturday, July 10, 2010



Hahah, I am so in love with KibBum !! LOL. ^^ He's too cute to resist. But his look NOW is not as attractive. His look when he was younger was so much better and cuter and hotter and handsome-r. =) KiBum rocks forever. ^^

Hehehs. =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mixed emotions all around....

My friends have love problems.... now one of my best friends has love problems and he asks me for help. it's a little strange giving him advice... cuz his situation is... hard. My situation... ah, don't talk about it. Even if he did like me back, he doesn't seem to be doing anything about it at all. Which is sad... Cause if he did like me back I would be more than happy if he were to 'make a move'. LOL.
School's cool. Still boring as usual. And it's a saturday now... *sigh* I don't think there's any homework excpet for english. (AGAIN)... Oh well...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I want you, but I know I will never have you....

No matter how much my brain tells my heart I'll never have him, my heart doesn't want to let him go... I mean, I know what my brain is telling me is real, is true. But my heart wants to keep going and will not give up on him. My heart believes that that day will come. And even though I want to believe that, I can't. I've been broken hearted once when I believed what my heart wanted to believe. I'm not saying my heart is wrong, I'm just saying if I put so much trust in my heart, I might continue breaking my heart for all I know. *SIGH* I want to believe my heart... But i can't. I don't want to hurt myself anymore. My heart says, just continue loving him and your time will come. =) And my brain says, continue liking him, but just know that he'll never be yours. I'm sorry. *SIGH*....

The song "BECAUSE I'M STUPID" by SS501 tells the story of my feelings towards him...

The song "SOMETHING HAPPENED TO MY HEART" by A&T also tells the story of my feelings towards him...

No matter what, my feelings for him will never go away. Never.

P.S. I'm talking about my crush.


Friday, July 2, 2010

sad all day long... but happy too. =)

It's true, leader has left ss501. =( sad... I'll miss him, even though i'm not really a big fan of him. He was like a big brother to the other 4 members. he was their leader and our leader. =) We'll all miss him.
Let me ask you, about chances. Chances you have with things around you. Or people around you. Well, let's say you didn't grab the chance that first came. You don't know if it will come again. Will time effect it? Your crush does not like you, but after many many days, do you think your crush will.... like.... fall for you? After seeing your potential, I think things could change between you and your crush. But I hate making assumptions because when I'm wrong, that sucks. So I don't know...
Yesterday me and my family ate at Pastamania. Nicey! ^^ And I only have englsih homework for this long weekend. Youth day holiday on monday. yay!!
You know I think I've gone gaga over kibum. He's so freaking cute and... AH!!! I just love him! ^^ more than I like my crush! =) Speaking of my crush... Nevermind... KIBUM! YOU ROCK! ^^ LOVE YOU!


This picture is from 'Attack on the pin up boys' by Super Junior. You should watch the whole of this scene. He's so extremely cute in the whole of this scene!!! ^^