Saturday, April 2, 2011


1. About me
An excellent student will show a real passion for science and be able to present their ideas with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm, and explain what winning would mean to them.

My name is Wong Pui Choo. I am 14 this year. I am currently studying at Peirce Secondary School. I am strong in math and mother tongue as compared to other subject. I am strong in mother tongue might because I started writing chinese character at a very young age. And during conversation with friends and family members chinese is mostly use. My hobbies are reading books and listening to music. The type of book I like to read are mystery book, story related to crime and inspiration book. I also like playing sports as it keeps me active and healthy. I like running, playing basketball and badminton the most.

My name is Farina Bte Satiman. I am turning fourteen this year. My birthday falls on the third of may. I was born in Easrshore Hospital. I lived in a family of four which consists of my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather and myself. I am currently staying in Ang Mo Kio Blk 335 Ave 1 #02-2007. I lived in a four room flat, nearby a swimming complex and Bishan Park. I am a single child and do not have any siblings. I am currently studying in Peirce Secondary School and my CCA is St John Ambulance Brigade. My previous school was Marymount the convent school. Things I like to do are playing sports and outdoor activities as I am more of an outdoor person. Lastly I would like to talk about my friends in school. Even though its only have been a year and three months, I think I made more than a hundred friends.

My name is Nur Afiah Hashim. I am 14 this year and I study in Peirce Secondary School. I am the oldest of four children. The closest I have to older siblings would be my seniors and my cousins. I like listening to songs, writing, reading and doing sports. I love badminton but I do netball as I do not have badminton as a choice of CCA. I aspire to be either a psychologist or lawyer. I would like to be psychologist because I want to understand people more and help them. I also want to be a lawyer because I want to help the innocent people and fight for their right. I enjoy studying History and Math.

2. The Question
An excellent question will be interesting, creative, worded scientifically and relevant to the world today.

Can bleach remove all kinds of stains and why is it dangerous?

3. Hypothesis
An excellent hypothesis will lead on from the question, be tightly focused and build on existing knowledge.

We think that bleach will remove any kind of stain and even make the material much whiter.

4. Research
Excellent students will undertake research to help them shape their question and hypothesis and to put their work into a relevant, real-world context.

Different stains are removed using different solvents. What solvent to use depends on the agent that is causing the stain, and the material that has been stained. Bleaching powder is made up of mixture of calcium hypochlorite and the basic chloride with some slaked lime. It helps to whiten clothing and remove certain stains.
It is quite dangerous as bleaching powder contains calcium hypochlorite that will undergo self-heating and rapid decomposition accompanied by the release of toxin chlorine gas when it was not kept in a cool dry place away from any organic material.

5. Experiment
Excellent students will demonstrate that they have used good experimental techniques and describe their experiment clearly and in detail.

6. Data
Excellent data will be relevant, sufficient to support a conclusion and should be recorded accurately and precisely, and be presented clearly.

Clear results that have been tried about twice each.

7. Observations
Excellent observations will describe patterns or trends supported by the data.

Based on the experiments that we have done, we can conclude that bleach does not remove all kinds of stain and is not always as strong as we think it is.

8. Conclusion
An excellent conclusion will explain how the experiment answers the question or why it fails to do so and whether or not it supports the hypothesis.

After dipping the stain into the bleach solution and leaving it for 5 minutes, the stain does not disappear. Therefore, bleach does not remove all kinds of stains.

Friday, March 25, 2011

25th Mar and Cross Country

URGHHHH!!! yesterday's cross country was tiring! I got 20th place siaaaaaa... -.- I was aiming for a little after 10th place but not 20th... sigh... well, better than nothing right? ^^ and when I went up to get my budget prize, my friends cheer loud loud just for me :D I'm so glad to have friends like that. THEY ARE THE AWESOMEST FRIENDS EVERRRR~! i'm the happiest person here even if i got just 20th place ^^ After school, my best friend followed me home. We missed TWO buses sia -.- the first one left when we just walked out the gate. the second one, i flag but the bus driver never see me -.- anyhow, we didn't miss the third bus. we ate gaduh-gaduh then changed at left for McRitchie at 1.45 pm. it was very hot. and i ran non stop for awhile and honestly i could have jogged non stop through out but, well, there was something which stopped me from doing that. oh oh oh and guess what my motivation was to get top 20. of course my classmate and friends who were expecting soooo much for me to get top 20. but my favourite boys school was there so i was like repeating the name of the school the whole time i was running. ^^ and i did it! ^^ heheh, you'll have to guess what that school is yourself XD
yeah so i reached home a little after 7 and yeah, sooo tired sia. lol. but it was an awesome day (:

honestly, the reason I left Irsyad is because by not getting into the top few for my PSLE, I let my friends, teachers and parents down :( so i just felt i didn't want to let them down anymore, so because i care about them and I want them to always be happy, i decided it was best if I just leave the school. and you can clearly see the difference, now, in Peirce I am making my class proud. More proud than I've ever made my class back in primary school (before I left). See? by getting 20th place, i didn't let all my hopeful friends down and they are happy and proud of me. was it ever like this back in Irsyad?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A special dedication to Westlife....

Some Of My Favourite Westlife songs. ENOJOYYYY~! damn, i want to upload the videos but -.- you know why Westlife songs are awesome? because you see, their songs have meaningful lyrics and not just some weird words put together to rhyme and sound good. let me give you some examples:

AMAZING: All i've been doing is protecting, a lie for the sake of my pride, while all the others set me thinking, we could be more than just amazing...

SAFE: How ya gonna love? how ya gonna feel? how you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real? If you lost your way, i will kepp you safe, open to the world inside, see it come alive tonight, I will keep you safe...

US AGAINST THE WORLD: this one, the whole song is meaningful. look it up on youtube.

anyhow, enjoy this, a sweet ZE:A song, for last year''s christmas. (:

hahah, i forgot about this blog for awhile^^

it's been quite awhile right? well, the past month has been... good (:

ON KPOP: ZE:A making comeback on the 17th!!! soooo excited!!! ^^ Big Bang have also made a comeback and their new song, Tonight is AWESOMENESSS! heheh. Dalmatian have made comeback, with the song 'That man dissaproves'. SOOOO COOL. ^^ kekekeke, these are the groups who have made awesome comebacks ---> infinite, check. teen top, check. Dalmatian, check. big bang, check. ZE:A, going to check (:

ON SCHOOL: i got 5 A1s !!! including math and mother tongue. heheheh. im so happy! ^^ for the past month, went to old ford factory as a learning journey, the netball team (minus me) lost to saint nicholas, walked around Bedok Reservoir for the Lion Befrienders walk, my best friends birthday was on the 3rd.... well, it was cool. ^^ now its the march holidays. went to my friends place yesterday to bake cookies n cream cupcakes. they were so delecious! and did science homework, and a little english. ya, thats all. (:

ON LOVEEEE: must i really comment on this? -.- anyhow, i don't think i like anyone now. On the 4th, i only slept for 4 hours that night because i was thinking about someone... urgh, i was stupid to think of him. it was totally pointless. because of him, i've decided to not like anyone. I SWEAR I DON'T LIKE ANYONE. erhem, for now, erhem.

OTHERS: do you know Westlife? well, they're not just any other memory in my head okay. They're the very first band i ever thought was good, before i moved on to Kpop that is. well, i've been listening to their awesome songs lately, and I love all of them! Westlife song are seriously awesome. seriously. their new song (actually it was released last year, but oh well) SAFE is nice ^^ i love the lyrics.
I ate cinammon meltss today, heheh. I have a netball match tommorow. but i also don't know if i'm going to play. oh yes, PRAY FOR JAPAN ok? aigooo, i have so much holiday homework. curse you homework -.-

anyhow, here's 2 pictures of ZE:A's (new) first album, Lovability.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

heyheyhey! ^^

hello! yeah i know it's been long. but i'm back! =D anyway, i'm sick. and I'm watching 2 days 1 night right now! (: made some macros of SUNGYEOL+MYUNGSOO. the myungyeol couple!!! they're so cute you know. heheh, anyhow, ENJOY:


Saturday, January 22, 2011

long time no see! ^^

boy am i glad to be back. Infinite have made their comeback with 'Before The Dawn' or 'BTD'. Awesome song!!! The Infinite boys have gone from cute to HOT. LOVING IT! ^^ Teen Top are also back with 'Supa Luv'. heheheh. not bad. but their new concept is a little weird honestly.... oh well. my ex SS501 bias Jung Min has also made his comeback with 'Not Alone'. he's not my bias anymore, Kyu Jong is (I think) but i love all SS501 members as a whole so i still support Jung Min in his solo comeback. lol. Jung Min oppa! You'll never be alone! You have triple S behind you! it's true you're not alone! =D The song is nice~!
One more group I'm going to support! SeeYa! I know it's a little late cause their disbanding after their last album 'See You Again' which will be realesed on 25th Jan. But i'm going to support them anyway. they're sooo cute! XD especially Nam Gyuri. lols. Anyway, I'll support them till their last performance which is on Inkigayo on the 27th. SeeYa fighting!

Nam Gyuri!!! She's so cute! Especially when she smiles ^^

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Heheheh, HAPPY NEW YEAR~! soo it's 2011 already ^^ finally. don't mind me IF i've wished you twice, kekeke. So anyway, people out there, pleaseeeee support the awesome CODE-V !!!! I think they are so talented and their songs are totally awesome and beautiful and worth listening to~ they should be more famous XD heheheh, anyway, I have like 4 people in ZE:A i like, KWANGHEE~ MINWOO ~ SIWAN ~ JUN YOUNG (not in order whos my fav and least fav out of the four) Hmm, i don't know who to choose as my fav because MY kwanghee likes f(x)'s Krystal. =(
So for now, FOR NOW!!! it's Siwan. ^^
URGH, school reopens tommorow! darn you. oh i deleted my fan fic cause the reaction is like ZERO. sigh... need to think of a better fan fic. hmm...
AHHH~ i'm loving CODE V to the max! heheh, oh and I also totally loveeee Double B21 or A-Peace's song Ring Marks. It's a ballad, so non-ballad lovers, don't listen if you don't think you'll enjoy it. Oh i'm a ballad song lover. Totally LOVE ballads. ^^
Okay, whatever. I'll maybe post about 4 ZE:A macros like tommorow or when I get hold of the laptop. ^^ UNTIL THEN, SAYONARA~!