Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apex day camp '09 (DAY 3)

The third and last day of camp. Well, let's see what happens today! Let's see.... We went to the Science Centre first and we had to answer some questions regarding science (duh, science centre). Then was the OmniTheater. Way awesome. All movies are in 3D mode. Wow right! Visit it one day, it's really... just WOW! So, after that was a visit to Wak Tanjong (i come from Irsyad) for the prize giving. Vienna, myteam, won only a consulation prize. Well done to Vienna. If you notice, it's the end of the camp and time to say goodbye. BYE! ...... Ok, i hope there'll be more camps like this. See ya! ;)

Apex Day Camp '09 (DAY 2)

It's day 2 and we're off to Bishan Park! In the bus,i realised that my team and another girl's team were going to face males. The other girls from my team and the other girl's team went wild. But I stayed calm. Don't know why.... So, at the park, we began our first set of games of games called the Round Robin. It was fun and my favourite game was when we had to match the words to it's meanings. It was fun and i liked it. It was very tiring too. But after that was more tiring. The next set was Amazing Race. That was exhausting, i've never been so tired in my life. We had to run around the park like crazy people. I felt as though my legs were going to fall off. There were 7 stations where we had to finish a challange before we could get our clue to the next station. But in one of the clues, the map was put in the wrong way and we finished fifth. But our facilitators complained and lucky us, we finished third! But at the end of the day, i was just so tired. But i enjoyed it! Lets do it again!

Apex Day Camp '09 (DAY 1)

Today is the fist day of the camp. I met some new friends from other schools who came over to Irsyad. The fisrt ice breaker game was, um... the squirel and tree game. It was knd of silly but maybe a little fun. Anyway, after that, we went into our groups. I was in a group by the name of Vienna, the capital of Austria. We then had our games like Wheel of Fortune, Snakes and Ladders and some others. I liked Wheel of Fortune most. It was fun. Our last game was Snakes and ladders and it was a life sized one where our facilitators pasted scotch-tapes around the court to form a board. Since we were the last teams, we had to peel out the tapes and boy did we look stupid! All the other teams froom the top floors were watching us like some spactators. It felt funny being watched by everyone. But i enjoyed it. The tapes left behind their sticky-ness and we had to clean it up too. US again! But i enjoyed it, especially since everyone was watching. I felt like some one special. Hehehe.... I like that. Read Day 2's blog after this.

This year......

This year was going to be really different from the past 5 years in school. Phew, i felt tired everytime i went home. Well, at least I have my friends who will always be by my side. Anyway, I was hoping you'd guessed that i'm a PSLE taker this year. The school has been putting so much weight on us from staying back after school to going back to school in the holidays. I'm getting tired of it. But what can I do? I hope that we (including me) can handle it. But besides that, there have also been some enrichment stuff like camps and competitions. It's quite fun too. So, uh, wish me luck for the PSLE! :)