Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a new beggining....

Hi everyone! Yesterday, we went to my grandparents home and we cycled there from home. =) It was fun!!!! Anyway, my friend is crazy about this guy and now they're like friends. Good frineds. No fair! =( I want to talk to the guy I like but I'm scared. i don't feel like doing it. I'm a shy person lah... But now I already start netball training and I admit I like it. But I don't look forward to it okay, I just like it. And my CA1 is finished. Awesome. then I only have CA2, SA1, CA3, CA4 and SA2...... hehe.... =]
Actually I don't feel like going to school on Monday. By the way, this Wednesday, we are having e-learning day. No need to goo to school, =] (yay!), but must study at home, =[ (I don't want!). hahah, oh well.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great day!!

Today we had malay test. It was okay-okay lah.... boleh tahan.... =) Anyways, Arifah likes this guy. But she keeps telling me she likes different different people. Anyway I think she likes the most recent guy now. I mean the guy she likes is kind of cute too.... heheh....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What went through my mind.....

Walau, I just realised something! The guy I like and the guy who likes me both have the same name! Haha! I'm so flattered..... I mean, the whole thing was like a coincidence! =]
What a coincidence!!!!!!
Oh, and on Friday I said "Don't ask girls who go to all-girls school if they like anyone, it's useless." haha! I was so wrong.... Anyway, for a one gender school, during their 'prom night' they will hook up with the opposite gender one gender school. As in the students from the school. Example, Raffles Girls will hook up with Raffles Institution while Saint Joseph's Institution will hook up with Singapore Chinese Girls School. Yup..... Clever me right! =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I think.... I only think..... =)

Yesterday, he did three things. He looked at me as usual, he kept on saying my name (like how someone says my name when they're trying to pronoounce my name) during the break and the most amusing thing he did was... let me tell you the whole story. =)
We had our write our particulars and in the particulars we had to put our phone number in too. So I already wrote my phone number and left the paper on the side of my table. I didn't realise he was looking at my paper, cause he was sitting in front of me on my right, and the he started reading out my number "8....3...7..." He didn't read it till the last number though cause I heard him reading and pulled my paper away with a smile on my face. He was like "ahaha..." =D
Hehehe..... Anyway he's done more things like last wednesday, while we were walking out of the centre he walked like right behind me. Even though i couldn't see him I could hear him quite clearly so i could tell how close he was. Then, the worst part was when his friend pushed him and he hit me like really hard on the back. Painful siah!!!! Then there was that time when I was talking to my friend, asking her questions and he was the one answering all the questions..... Then, at another time, when I'm like about to present in front of the class, my friend pushed me and I could hear him say "Eh, no pushing." Then there was another time I was also about to present in front of the class with the same friend, I haven't even started talking and he was like "talk louder I can't hear." And during another lesson, we had to exchange some matching papers and I showed him my papers and I thought he already knew what I had but he kept on looking at my paper like 3 or 4 times man.....*sigh*..... and he looks at me alot..... Hmmm..... Do you think he, maybe...... Nevermind. =)

Anyhow, today i went to Irsyad to see all my friends. I met about 3/4 of them which is good. Samirah was suppose to come but her grandfather masuk hospital this morning so she couldn't come. I was really looking forward to see her..... Well, when I came to irsyad, the girls were playing netball or captains ball whatever. Then they were all like "AFIAH!!!!" Haha, it's so nice to see them all again. =) i didn't really see much boys..... but doesn't really matter. I wonder when's the next time I'll come back to Irsyad??? I can't wait to come again.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

My valentines message to all.

"If you love me just becasuse I'm beautiful, you are blind. But if you love me because of who I am, you can see more than anyone else." O.O
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! :) (and happy chinese new year to all chinese friends too)

Friday, February 5, 2010

There's no need for a title... :)

Yesterday's arabic class was fun! I loved it! What I don't like was the fact that i had to sit beside a boy... Bluek! I had to sit beside the Bishan Park boy... >( Anyway, I think next year I want to change CCA ah. I don't think I'll enjoy netball.... :( I want to go back to my primary school life! I miss it!!!! T.T....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walau-ey! Today was like...... huh....

Today, we had to run 2.4km!!! OMG!!! I took 17 minutes 5 seconds... can lah.. hehes.... Then we had maths, all the girls (only the girls run today) were sweating like what man! :) But either than that, everything else was okay. I tell you ah, only 3 of my Peirce friends, 2 irsyad friends and a 2 of my cousins know that i like this mystery sec2 guy... *smiles while showing teeth* can't get him off my mind! haha! Anw, later have arabic classes, then ITS THE WEEKEND! Yay!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today was so stressing. F and T had to do standing broad jump. Very tiring man! Then got D and T, which we had spelling. hahas... After that was general science. :) quite fun lah. Mother tongue was boring! we read a book which was quite meaningful and fun to read though. There was also Goegraphy, where i scored 16/20 for my test.... -.- hmm.... Anyways, we had a chit chat session with the school counseller... Don't ask how it went. :) Last of all, the best thing i saw today is him. :) he's so cute!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

:) ....... *sigh* :(

Today was such a big day.... The lessons were somewhat boring... but i donno, i just feel like there's something missing. *sigh*..... Anyway, today got IPW and then we watch about the marina barrage.... cool sey! Hmm, you know what, i think I know what's missing. My friends! T.T I miss them!!!!! Anyway, i made this (up there) to remember them.... :) I used I like that site. Anyways, I had an appointment with the doctor and they checked my finger... I forgot to tell you I fractured my finger during my first netball practice. Pain siah. :))))) I hope I can come to Irsyad this thursday! :)