Friday, February 19, 2010

I think.... I only think..... =)

Yesterday, he did three things. He looked at me as usual, he kept on saying my name (like how someone says my name when they're trying to pronoounce my name) during the break and the most amusing thing he did was... let me tell you the whole story. =)
We had our write our particulars and in the particulars we had to put our phone number in too. So I already wrote my phone number and left the paper on the side of my table. I didn't realise he was looking at my paper, cause he was sitting in front of me on my right, and the he started reading out my number "8....3...7..." He didn't read it till the last number though cause I heard him reading and pulled my paper away with a smile on my face. He was like "ahaha..." =D
Hehehe..... Anyway he's done more things like last wednesday, while we were walking out of the centre he walked like right behind me. Even though i couldn't see him I could hear him quite clearly so i could tell how close he was. Then, the worst part was when his friend pushed him and he hit me like really hard on the back. Painful siah!!!! Then there was that time when I was talking to my friend, asking her questions and he was the one answering all the questions..... Then, at another time, when I'm like about to present in front of the class, my friend pushed me and I could hear him say "Eh, no pushing." Then there was another time I was also about to present in front of the class with the same friend, I haven't even started talking and he was like "talk louder I can't hear." And during another lesson, we had to exchange some matching papers and I showed him my papers and I thought he already knew what I had but he kept on looking at my paper like 3 or 4 times man.....*sigh*..... and he looks at me alot..... Hmmm..... Do you think he, maybe...... Nevermind. =)

Anyhow, today i went to Irsyad to see all my friends. I met about 3/4 of them which is good. Samirah was suppose to come but her grandfather masuk hospital this morning so she couldn't come. I was really looking forward to see her..... Well, when I came to irsyad, the girls were playing netball or captains ball whatever. Then they were all like "AFIAH!!!!" Haha, it's so nice to see them all again. =) i didn't really see much boys..... but doesn't really matter. I wonder when's the next time I'll come back to Irsyad??? I can't wait to come again.....

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