Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broken Hearted..... =(

Today, we got to know our IPW groups and do you know what? My close friend got the same group as the person I like!!!!! Argh!!!! My close friend some more..... How like this? Then they'll become friends and I'll just watch as they talk...... T.T ...... I wanna cry you know! I wish I were in the group.... Such bad luck....
Let me forget about it FOR NOW and tell you about something else. Yesterday, my friend opened the boys toilet door big-big and I was the only girl in front of the toilet cause I was the last person to help. And when the door was wide open, you know what I saw????? Two half naked malay boys..... o.o .......EWWWWWWWW!!!!! The most horrible thing I've ever seen is still stuck in my head. Yucks!!! Disgusting.....
Anyway, we had our first cooking lesson yesterday. And one of the two things we cooked were egg mayo sandwhich. So we had to put two peices of bread into the oven. And the two malay boys were behind me. When they wanted to take out their bread, they realised their bread was at the back of the oven and you had to put your hand into the oven to take it out. I almost broke out into laughter when I saw what they did. One of the boys was pulling out the metal rack! So I decided to help. "Let me help you" and I simply pulled out the tray. So easy also they don't know. And, their bread was, of course, burnt. =)

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