Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is the title. =)

I forgot the words 'IN THE END'... =( And now I know, I also know what it feels like. I've liked him, then another guy then went back to him. A few days ago I fell for another-nother guy but when I looked at him on Monday, my feelings for him came out AGAIN. -.- save me from this. I can't control my feelings for him. It's so strange, I've dumped two guys for him. TSK3.. I am weird. Or maybe it's just that my feelings for him can overcome all odds and no matter how cute this guy or that guy is, I still have feelings for him. Well, I'm strong. =)
Today national day celebration. 9th August Singaopre's birthday! ^^ We had to wear class t-shirt and I look so cool. hahah.

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