Sunday, January 2, 2011


Heheheh, HAPPY NEW YEAR~! soo it's 2011 already ^^ finally. don't mind me IF i've wished you twice, kekeke. So anyway, people out there, pleaseeeee support the awesome CODE-V !!!! I think they are so talented and their songs are totally awesome and beautiful and worth listening to~ they should be more famous XD heheheh, anyway, I have like 4 people in ZE:A i like, KWANGHEE~ MINWOO ~ SIWAN ~ JUN YOUNG (not in order whos my fav and least fav out of the four) Hmm, i don't know who to choose as my fav because MY kwanghee likes f(x)'s Krystal. =(
So for now, FOR NOW!!! it's Siwan. ^^
URGH, school reopens tommorow! darn you. oh i deleted my fan fic cause the reaction is like ZERO. sigh... need to think of a better fan fic. hmm...
AHHH~ i'm loving CODE V to the max! heheh, oh and I also totally loveeee Double B21 or A-Peace's song Ring Marks. It's a ballad, so non-ballad lovers, don't listen if you don't think you'll enjoy it. Oh i'm a ballad song lover. Totally LOVE ballads. ^^
Okay, whatever. I'll maybe post about 4 ZE:A macros like tommorow or when I get hold of the laptop. ^^ UNTIL THEN, SAYONARA~!

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