Saturday, January 22, 2011

long time no see! ^^

boy am i glad to be back. Infinite have made their comeback with 'Before The Dawn' or 'BTD'. Awesome song!!! The Infinite boys have gone from cute to HOT. LOVING IT! ^^ Teen Top are also back with 'Supa Luv'. heheheh. not bad. but their new concept is a little weird honestly.... oh well. my ex SS501 bias Jung Min has also made his comeback with 'Not Alone'. he's not my bias anymore, Kyu Jong is (I think) but i love all SS501 members as a whole so i still support Jung Min in his solo comeback. lol. Jung Min oppa! You'll never be alone! You have triple S behind you! it's true you're not alone! =D The song is nice~!
One more group I'm going to support! SeeYa! I know it's a little late cause their disbanding after their last album 'See You Again' which will be realesed on 25th Jan. But i'm going to support them anyway. they're sooo cute! XD especially Nam Gyuri. lols. Anyway, I'll support them till their last performance which is on Inkigayo on the 27th. SeeYa fighting!

Nam Gyuri!!! She's so cute! Especially when she smiles ^^

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