Monday, May 10, 2010

EXAMZZZZ! (exam fever....)

Woots! The math paper today was damn easy! I could answer every question without difficulty.... =) I am so happy! I actually think I'll pass the maths paper you know. OMIGOSH! Yay! hope to pass... =D
But geography, I don't think so. I don't think I'll do THAT welll lah the very least to say... GEOGRAPHY I HATE YOU.... -.-
Today my friend had to go home with his mother. =( then i walk to bus stop all alone and no bpss people some more.... no him.... =( oh well, tmrw more exam. litreature and science! Omigosh!
Oh yeah and last friday, a friend asked the guy i like wether he stead with me. The guy I like only kept quiet. I think he can't say yes, cause it's not true, but doesn't want to say no, cause he doesn't want it to be not true.... AWWW.... =)
MuAcKzZzZzZ.... =P

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