Saturday, May 8, 2010

HAI!!!! hey! =)

Long time no see... =) anw, I've made up my mind. I like the latter in the previous post. I got to sit beside him for class yesterday and he was such a fun person to talk to. =) I enjoyed every minute! Even when everytime i reach out to take any paper I lent him he'd take his hand back so I can't take it. And I don't know how many times he did it but it was so fun... =D And his friend kept on asking him whether he stead with me and the guy I like never said a word! he never replied the other guy... LOL! and we talked about my friend who was from my primary school. And yesterday, I did my 2.4 and I got 15 mins! Good right! But must re-do everything cause I failed my freaking sit and reach by 1 freaking cm. ONE!!! F YOU, YOU STUPID ONE CM! anyway, I'm so glad I get to sit beside him. Hopefully next friday get to sit beside him again! So happy!!!! =)

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