Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is it me or has ss501 just captured my heart?

BOTH LAH!!! I love them and they captured my heart!!! Omigosh, all of them are so cute! ^^ Especially Jung Min, the one on the extreme left. ^^ cute right?

Okay, today, I had dental and it was the shortest dental I've had in years!!! The dentist said my brushing was actually quite good and that I just need to start flossing. Hahah. ^^ I'm so freakingly happy!!! yay me!! But then there was the talk about braces which I don't think I want... But then again, I'm not that sure.... =(
Okay, after dental, I went to J8 to give back library book and buy ss501 stuff. =) I bought stickers and a peice of plastic thing which has all their pics on it, back and front side. all for 10.80. -.- very EX man.... *sigh* On the 17th I'm going to the movies with my dear friends! So excited. Then on 19th, I'm going holiday!!! Woots!! ^^ For the movies, I need money... -.- run out of the money my dad gave me. heheh... =D Oh well, I'll ask my mom. ^^

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