Saturday, October 23, 2010


Annyeonghaseyo! how are you all? =D I'm gooooooood. Cause yesterday two of the best things happened. yesterday night, in Beijing, it was SS3!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!! I wish I was there! hehehe. I'm so going to their Super Show when they come to Singapore next year. At the same time, erm not really sure whether it was the same time but anyway, there was K-POP night right here in Singapore!!!!! ahhhhh!! I'm going crazy!! ^^ Ah! today is Sunday, tommorow got school. lazy ah go school.... =(
Ah, who cares about school, I totally love Super Junior to the max! XD Hope Hankyung oppa and Kibum oppa (especially Kibum oppa) can come back to Super junior! We miss you lots! Please come back for us! ^^
Anyway, wonder why Kyuhyun oppa is my oppa? cause his voice is AWESOME, and totally unique and he's so funny and cute! =D And i like how he always keeps his hair short and sweet. ^^ Totally cute! And his smile is like crooked which is like ahhh! heheh. Well, i don't regret choosing Kyuhyun after Kibum left. But I regret letting Kibum go just like that. Sigh... Anyway, Super junior fighting! <3

My favourite photo of Kibum and Donghae, look at Kibum oppa! So cute. ^^

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