Friday, March 25, 2011

25th Mar and Cross Country

URGHHHH!!! yesterday's cross country was tiring! I got 20th place siaaaaaa... -.- I was aiming for a little after 10th place but not 20th... sigh... well, better than nothing right? ^^ and when I went up to get my budget prize, my friends cheer loud loud just for me :D I'm so glad to have friends like that. THEY ARE THE AWESOMEST FRIENDS EVERRRR~! i'm the happiest person here even if i got just 20th place ^^ After school, my best friend followed me home. We missed TWO buses sia -.- the first one left when we just walked out the gate. the second one, i flag but the bus driver never see me -.- anyhow, we didn't miss the third bus. we ate gaduh-gaduh then changed at left for McRitchie at 1.45 pm. it was very hot. and i ran non stop for awhile and honestly i could have jogged non stop through out but, well, there was something which stopped me from doing that. oh oh oh and guess what my motivation was to get top 20. of course my classmate and friends who were expecting soooo much for me to get top 20. but my favourite boys school was there so i was like repeating the name of the school the whole time i was running. ^^ and i did it! ^^ heheh, you'll have to guess what that school is yourself XD
yeah so i reached home a little after 7 and yeah, sooo tired sia. lol. but it was an awesome day (:

honestly, the reason I left Irsyad is because by not getting into the top few for my PSLE, I let my friends, teachers and parents down :( so i just felt i didn't want to let them down anymore, so because i care about them and I want them to always be happy, i decided it was best if I just leave the school. and you can clearly see the difference, now, in Peirce I am making my class proud. More proud than I've ever made my class back in primary school (before I left). See? by getting 20th place, i didn't let all my hopeful friends down and they are happy and proud of me. was it ever like this back in Irsyad?

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