Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hahah, i forgot about this blog for awhile^^

it's been quite awhile right? well, the past month has been... good (:

ON KPOP: ZE:A making comeback on the 17th!!! soooo excited!!! ^^ Big Bang have also made a comeback and their new song, Tonight is AWESOMENESSS! heheh. Dalmatian have made comeback, with the song 'That man dissaproves'. SOOOO COOL. ^^ kekekeke, these are the groups who have made awesome comebacks ---> infinite, check. teen top, check. Dalmatian, check. big bang, check. ZE:A, going to check (:

ON SCHOOL: i got 5 A1s !!! including math and mother tongue. heheheh. im so happy! ^^ for the past month, went to old ford factory as a learning journey, the netball team (minus me) lost to saint nicholas, walked around Bedok Reservoir for the Lion Befrienders walk, my best friends birthday was on the 3rd.... well, it was cool. ^^ now its the march holidays. went to my friends place yesterday to bake cookies n cream cupcakes. they were so delecious! and did science homework, and a little english. ya, thats all. (:

ON LOVEEEE: must i really comment on this? -.- anyhow, i don't think i like anyone now. On the 4th, i only slept for 4 hours that night because i was thinking about someone... urgh, i was stupid to think of him. it was totally pointless. because of him, i've decided to not like anyone. I SWEAR I DON'T LIKE ANYONE. erhem, for now, erhem.

OTHERS: do you know Westlife? well, they're not just any other memory in my head okay. They're the very first band i ever thought was good, before i moved on to Kpop that is. well, i've been listening to their awesome songs lately, and I love all of them! Westlife song are seriously awesome. seriously. their new song (actually it was released last year, but oh well) SAFE is nice ^^ i love the lyrics.
I ate cinammon meltss today, heheh. I have a netball match tommorow. but i also don't know if i'm going to play. oh yes, PRAY FOR JAPAN ok? aigooo, i have so much holiday homework. curse you homework -.-

anyhow, here's 2 pictures of ZE:A's (new) first album, Lovability.

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