Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday was the best day of my life! I saw the guy I like and like stood 3 feet away from him. And my friend who knows I like him kept on telling me, while the guy I like was beside him, "I tell him ah, I tell him ah, I tell him ah..." NON-STOP! And the guy I like was laughing and smilling all the way to the first floor. (cause the library is on the 4th floor and we were going down the stircase) Ouh! He's so damn cute!!!! His face is like stuck in my head.... *sigh*
But the bad thing is, I think he suspect rady sia I like him.... die die die..... My two friends say maybe he like me back, but how can you be for sure? I hope he does lah, but if he doesn't it's ouhkay.... LOL... =)

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