Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skip again!

Today i saw the guy I like many times. =) He walked past just now and we eye contact for 2 seconds then act like we don't know each other. =( .......I wish he'd talk...... Anyway, my friend keeps on saying BERAK and TAHI.... Disgusting sial that boy! Lame! Today I have to skip Chinese conversational class and Arabic class just for the boring art workshop... BOO sia! Then I spent like half of my time there with him which was horibble. Boring! Too bad I have to skip two classes because of Art Workshop..... -.- I'm so tired, and some more, tommorow my father not sending cause he not at home tommorow morning..... DIE man.... die.... tommorow have geography test and litreature lesson.... Oh well, just have to try enjoy myself. LOL. Byes!

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