Saturday, July 24, 2010

I miss my friends... =(

You know my friends last year, my Primary Six friends, well I miss them. *SIGH* I miss those times we had together. Those ups we shared together. Those downs we faced together. Even though it was just one year, we faced many challanges. and faced them as a class. as one family. Well i can't exactly remember the whole story, but i can sum it all up. =)


We were not what people expected us to be. I mean A was suppose to be better than B. But instead, P6B was so much better than us. In terms of conduct, discipline and studies. And compared to them, we were pretty much the under-dogs for that year's PSLE... But even though we didn't have the better side of the story, we still had something I think is really strong among us. We had strong bonds, close friendship and we were just united. We were always there for each other and we had so many happy moments together. We didn't agree to everything but that was just normal and it was nice to see us working together. Through my experience in that class, it has taught me that no matter how different you are, you can still be one as long as you are united. And that was what was of P6A'09. We were the weaker ones that year and we played too much. We were not as concenrated as P6B, we were not as clever as them. We were playful and happy but determined and strong. We, as one family, knew that we had to finish this journey and no matter what we couldn't let each other down. When one falls everyone falls, when one rises everyone rises. It was a hard journey to the finishing line for us. But in the end we made it. And with each gland of sweat we had,represented how hard we worked. But we couldn't have done it without each other. And we knew that no matter what, nothing could break the ties of our class. It is true, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

P6A'09, I just wanted to tell you, you guys mean alot to me and you always will.

LOVE, Afiah. ^^

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