Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm crazzzzzzy!!! ^^

I admit, I've given up on the guy I like. But only because I've gone mad for someone else. Hahahahah. ^^ The new guy is totally cute and he's just sooooooo charming... to me lah... CUTE !!!!!!! =) Ah, I'm so in-love with him... ^^
So, today was cool. But i didn't see my crush cause he's in upper sec. And I think he didn't come or something today. LOL. I'll never fall for anyone in my own level. *shakes head*... nope. My friend and I went to buy our DnT project stuff. Then I had my 3rd language which was boring. No, quite fun actually. We talked and abused the word 'BALLS' cause my friend was carrying a shoebag that had 12 hockey balls in it. So we abused that fact. LOL. We're mean peopele ! Well actaully I am. ^^ I have a big walk on Sunday. Aiya, so malas man... =( But oh well, just go lah. ^^

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