Friday, July 2, 2010

sad all day long... but happy too. =)

It's true, leader has left ss501. =( sad... I'll miss him, even though i'm not really a big fan of him. He was like a big brother to the other 4 members. he was their leader and our leader. =) We'll all miss him.
Let me ask you, about chances. Chances you have with things around you. Or people around you. Well, let's say you didn't grab the chance that first came. You don't know if it will come again. Will time effect it? Your crush does not like you, but after many many days, do you think your crush will.... like.... fall for you? After seeing your potential, I think things could change between you and your crush. But I hate making assumptions because when I'm wrong, that sucks. So I don't know...
Yesterday me and my family ate at Pastamania. Nicey! ^^ And I only have englsih homework for this long weekend. Youth day holiday on monday. yay!!
You know I think I've gone gaga over kibum. He's so freaking cute and... AH!!! I just love him! ^^ more than I like my crush! =) Speaking of my crush... Nevermind... KIBUM! YOU ROCK! ^^ LOVE YOU!


This picture is from 'Attack on the pin up boys' by Super Junior. You should watch the whole of this scene. He's so extremely cute in the whole of this scene!!! ^^

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