Monday, November 1, 2010


yesterday while i was at home, i was listening to many korean songs when i remembered two korean bands called INFINITE and TEEN TOP. I decided to check them out on youtube and now, i am totally in love with Infinite !!!! They are soooo awesome!! I even rembered all Infinite's members names (and their faces lah). There's seven people altogether. Myungsoo or L is my favourite guy in the group ^^ Don't steal him ah! Then Woohyun is also cute, and there's Sungjong, the maknae. Sunggyu, the leader. Dongwoo and Hoya are the rapper. Last but not least there's Sungyeol. =) I love their song 'She's Back'. I've even learned the dance for the chorus part. ^^ Its so awesome and it's such a nice song. YAY! I love L, nobody can steal him from me ^^ heheheh. Oh and for Teen Top, i think they only have one originalk song so far which is called 'Clap'. It's quite a nice song. Oh and the members, I tell you are SUPER YOUNG !! The maknae is only 14 and the oldest is 17. The oldest is 17 !? that's like the age of the maknae's for SHINee and Infinite. Oo WOW, super young man. But I love them both anyways! ^^
Oh and I have tons of homework to finish. -.- It'll be a long holiday...

My favourite Korean bands:
Super Junior
Teen Top
SS501 (awaiting their comeback!!)

Signing off, ELFiah

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