Sunday, November 21, 2010


Heeheeeh, did you know that chocolate makes me more energetic and happy? =) I'm sure it makes you the same too. LOL. Oh anyhow, you want me to introduce my biases for some of my favourite korean groups? kekeeke, don't be jealous if we have the same bias! ^^
2PM : Junho (He's a handsome man, heheh, cute laaaah!)
2AM : Jinwoon and Seulong (i like both A LOT!)
SuJu : Kyuhyun (super awesome voice^^)
SHINEE : Minho (he's cute, heheh)
Infinite : Myungsoo or L (he has a manly aura in a childish way, kekeke)
Teen Top : ChunJi (he's sooooo adorable!!)
Beast : Dongwoon (MY OPPA!!)

There you go, all my biases. That's what I have for now, soon there'll be more, I'm sure of it! ^^ Remember SS501, AHH, I miss them. Oh and my biases for ss501 is JungMin-ah!! heheheh, I like him. =)
yesterday I watched 2 Days 1 Night! Seunggi oppa looked SOOOO cute! He is cute lah, but he cooked yesterday. And he walked around in a conductors hat at a place near the sea. That made him look so much cuter! heheh.
Okay! Catch with you guys LATER! I want chocolate!!! =DDD

P.S. Can't wait for SS501's comeback!! ^^ lets hope it'll b as popular as Love Like This! heheheh, let's hope it'll be even MORE popular! SS501 hwaiting! ^^

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