Monday, November 15, 2010

it's monday!!

Hey!! i've been checking out 2AM and 2PM today. they are awesome groups you know!
2PM is the cheeky, youthful and playful group. while 2AM is the more matured, serious and sad group (in a good way). 2AM always has these MVs which have alot of meaning, mostly sad ones. But i love them! they're perfect, and much more. =) 2PM on the contrary is a very fun group! their songs are catchy and creative. they have nice songs, and cute members. hehhee. =) 2PM made a song for their fans called 'Thank You' and SS501 also made a song called 'Green Peas'. Why green peas? because their fans (ME!^^) always have green balloons while supporting them. and when their all together it looks like a group of many peas all together. perfect right. =) By the way, Super Junior's balloon is blue. can't remember what blue but blue. oh and leader(SS501) said that SS501 will be making a comeback early next year with a new album. CAN'T WAIT!!! So.. yah, now I like 2AM and 2PM as well. yay me! ^^

Super Junior
Teen Top

=) Don't worry, more groups will join that list. Just you wait ^^

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