Sunday, December 5, 2010

KPOP addict now! XDDD

HI all ~! Found new Kpop groups who debuted this year!! There is a group call TOUCH who debuted with the song 'Me'. Nice song, catchy. Then there's Double B21, a group which has 21 members (LIKE WHATT!?) Ya, I know, 21, crazy right? so they divided the group into 3 units, 7 members each, with 1 extra unit as the trainee group. Which makes the total Units 4 units: Unit Sky, Unit Earth, Unit Water, Unit Burning. The first unit, Unit Sky, already debuted wiht the song 'One'. I love the song like totally! It's so beautiful and so nice to hear! ^^ The other 3 units have yet to debut, but I'll suport all of them! ^^ Hwaiting! Then there's T.O.A (Top Of Asia) with 'Because I Love You More'. Also there's DN-A or The Boss. I'm not into their debut song, but I like their song 'Admiring Boy'. ^^ And SM Ent releasedtheir Ballad group consisting of Jino, a newcomer, SHINee's Jonghyun, TRAX's Jay and MY Kyuhyun oppa of Super Junior! =) I loveeee their songs a whole lot! Last but not least is Red Soul, a male Accepella group. I don't know what Accepella is! XDD But I like their song 'The One Man Who Once Loved A Woman'.
I'm not into girl groups so all the groups stated above are all boybands. ^^

Heheh, anyway, back to me. I have yet to finish two of my homeworks because I havent borrowed a book yet! ARGHHH! I totally need to borrow a book fast! DX I only have until 2nd Janury 2011, and when am I going to borrow the damn book!? haiz... And I'll probably do my Home Economics homeworks in awhile.

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