Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SHU-I ~~~ AHHH! ^^

helooooo! ^^ heheh, I discovered VOS ( Voice Of Soul ) actually but while I was checking them out I found SHU-I. SHU-I debuted last year Sep 11 with their song BOMB BOMB BOMB ^^ I totally love that song! hehehe. But the whole 2010 year they were inactive leh. no talk shows, no performances, no concerts, nothing :( PLEASE make a comeback soon guys! My bias is Changhyun, but I think the leader, Inseok, is cute too. kekekeke. but I'm going to stick to Changhyun because to me... well... I don't know, I just like him i guess. ^^ CHANGHYUN OPPA ~~~

ANYWAY, yesterday my family went to see Barney. it was BORING! XD Then I went to the doctor with my mom. then went home and ate. heheh, I'm always hungry. thats my motto. LOL. searched for Changhyun photos to put as my phone wallpaper but i'm stuck with Inseok's totally cute photo as my wallpaper. I can't help it! the picture is too cute^^ anyway, my nose is still runny and blocked. hahah :)

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